Ecart Marketplace

A Marketplace where only approved E-commerce stores are able to sell their products.

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App IDecart-1
Vendor IDtendencys
Launched05 January 2021
CategoriesOnline marketplaces
Avg rating2.9
Total reviews2

Benefits of Ecart Marketplace

Full integration of products inventory, orders, shipping and tracking
Receive special discounts in shipping and product fulfillment
Promote your great products to millions of customers

About Ecart Marketplace

With Ecart Sales Channel you get new opportunities to expand your Business. Save time with our sales channel app to synch your inventory. Manage everything from your Shopify Dashboard.

Key Benefits

  • Discounted international shipping for Sellers.
  • New audience and customers.
  • Top fashion brands and other retailers.
  • Online order shipping tracking.
  • Fulfillment services around the world.
  • Inventory quantity and status automatically synched with Shopify.
Ecart Product Dashboard

Ecart Product Dashboard

Ecart Order Dashboard

Ecart Order Dashboard

Ecart Store Dashboard

Ecart Store Dashboard