Elegant Preloader

Add a beautiful, animated preloader to the shop. Pick from 8 loaders for your site including a logo.

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App IDelegant-preloader
Vendor IDsofiia-astanina1
Launched24 February 2023
CategoriesPage enhancements - Other
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Benefits of Elegant Preloader

8 preloaders including a logo
Easy installation and flexible settings
24 options: color, opacity, background transition, size, font, and more
*Doesn’t affect site loading speed by more than 2 points
Looks great on any device

About Elegant Preloader

The app allows you to display a satisfying animation when your website content is loading. You can add a page loader with smooth animation, upload your logo image, add a progress bar and counting percentage, background transitions, and much more. Adjust your loading screen with many options and make it unique. The app uses CSS3 animations, so it won’t imply your site speed* unless you upload a large background image. Make waiting enjoyable for customers and impress them in the first seconds!

8 Animated  Preloaders

8 Animated Preloaders

24 Options

24 Options

Preloader example

Preloader example