Facebook Countdown Retargeting

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App IDfacebook-countdown-retargeting
Vendor IDdeveloper-fc3a676690a8c9e1
Launched03 November 2017
CategoriesRetargeting ads Social media ads
Avg rating3.5
Total reviews2

Benefits of Facebook Countdown Retargeting

About Facebook Countdown Retargeting

What is retargeting?

Retargeting, is a form of online advertising. that can help you keep your products in front of visitors after they leave your store.

What is countdown retargeting?

Instead of displaying regular image or carousel ads to people who visited and didn’t complete a purchase, our app will display interactive countdown time inside a video ad.

What happens when the user clicks on the ad?

The user will be redirected to your store as with any other Facebook ad, the…

Countdown Ads Builder

Countdown Ads Builder

Countdown Ads Builder

Countdown Ads Builder