FedEx CrossBorder Technologies

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App IDfedex-cross-border-1
Vendor IDfedexfcb
Launched27 June 2022
CategoriesShipping labels
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Benefits of FedEx CrossBorder Technologies

About FedEx CrossBorder Technologies

#FedEx helps set up shop for a world of shoppers!

  1. Lets you expand your business globally while continuing to ship locally

  2. Connects you to global customers, giving you access to consumers in over 200 countries and territories

  3. Provides a convenient shopping experience for your customers. They enjoy a more localized experience with localized currency

  4. Calculates the full landed cost for them, so there aren’t any surprises

Localize customers' shopping experience

Localize customers' shopping experience

No guess work Guaranteed Landed Costs

No guess work Guaranteed Landed Costs