Fixel Retargeting & Lookalikes

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App IDfixel-ai
Vendor IDfixel1
Launched29 January 2021
CategoriesMarketing analytics Retargeting ads
Avg rating5
Total reviews3

Benefits of Fixel Retargeting & Lookalikes

About Fixel Retargeting & Lookalikes

#Scale with confidence by using AI-based audiences in your ad campaigns! Already adopted by leading stores like Watches.com, Athletic Greens, and more!

#What is Fixel?

Fixel uses cutting-edge AI technology to score visitors based on their engagement with your website.

Fixel takes into account 60+ data points and turns them into a simple, actionable metric.

  • Basic - Targeting visitors who have reached a Basic engagement level filters out unengaged visitors from your campaigns
  • Medium -…
One click install

One click install

Manage all your audiences in one place

Manage all your audiences in one place

Create smart audiences across platforms

Create smart audiences across platforms