Flxpoint is the best order management system for merchants with distributed fulfillment methods.

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App IDflxpoint
Vendor IDflxpoint1
Launched07 January 2022
CategoriesWorkflow automation Managing orders - Other
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Benefits of Flxpoint

Distributed Order Management System
Inventory Management
Dropship Vendor Management
Product Information Management
Multi-Channel Listing

About Flxpoint

Any online merchants who are fulfilling orders via hybrid/distributed fulfillment methods can benefit greatly from Flxpoint.

Flxpoint can connect any combination of WMSs, 3PLs, Point of Sale Systems, and Dropship Suppliers/Vendors for automated order routing.

  • Quickly and easily onboard/integrate multiple fulfillment sources
  • Keep inventory and product data synced in real-time, manage product data
  • Supports multichannel listing
  • Product information management functionality
Product Information Management

Product Information Management

Distributed Fulfillment Order Routing

Distributed Fulfillment Order Routing

Data Integration No-Code Mapping

Data Integration No-Code Mapping