Freebies by Brickspace Lab

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App IDfreebies
Vendor IDbrickspace-lab
Launched20 September 2017
CategoriesGift with purchase
Avg rating3.3
Total reviews18

Benefits of Freebies by Brickspace Lab

About Freebies by Brickspace Lab

With Freebies merchants can offer free gifts with purchases that meet a minimum order size.

Freebies can also be customized to offer free gifts to customers who purchase a select item

How It Works

Freebies will create popups on the cart page that display products your customers can add to their cart for free. Each popup has a trigger that defines when it should be displayed. With Freebies you can run the following campaigns:

  • Customers that order more than $50 can choose a…
App dashboard with color settings

App dashboard with color settings

Sample popup installed on storefront

Sample popup installed on storefront

Mobile app dashboard

Mobile app dashboard