Freighty Shipping Insurance

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App IDfreighty
Vendor IDinsureme
Launched15 January 2019
CategoriesWarranties and insurance Order and shipping reports
Avg rating4.5
Total reviews5

Benefits of Freighty Shipping Insurance

About Freighty Shipping Insurance

Automated Shipping Insurance

Freighty Shipping Insurance provides Shopify stores with automatic insurance coverage for each order that is lost or damaged during transit to the purchaser’s nominated delivery address (up to $5,000 per delivery). Get coverage in minutes.

When you install the Freighty app & create an account, you get access to these amazing benefits:

  • Instant Coverage for every order despatched from your store*
  • Easy to lodge claims for lost or damaged items
  • Get paid…
Freighty makes it easy for Shopify Stores to get insurance

Freighty makes it easy for Shopify Stores to get insurance

Singup in just a few clicks

Singup in just a few clicks

Simple onboarding flow

Simple onboarding flow