Full ROAS Calculations

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App IDfull-roas-calculations
Vendor IDbzaez
Launched01 March 2021
CategoriesMarketing analytics
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Benefits of Full ROAS Calculations

About Full ROAS Calculations

Manage your advertising spend, and automatically track results of your campaigns

Save your time, and say to Excel goodby.

This new automatic tool allows you to track your different ad campaigns by :

  • Detecting automatically discount codes used in your orders
  • Giving statistics about each discount code used
  • And if you specify the cost of the campaign, it gives you the REAL and PRECISE ROAS.

To help merchants, each code with a positive ROAS (>= 1) is in green, and those that are not…

Easy way to custom a label

Easy way to custom a label

Easy way to custom a cost

Easy way to custom a cost