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App IDgames-by-gamify
Vendor IDgamify2
Launched27 January 2020
CategoriesPage builder Page enhancements - Other
Avg rating2.7
Total reviews6

Benefits of Gamify ‑ Game Maker

About Gamify ‑ Game Maker


Gamify your storefront!

Keeping visitors engaged in your product has been the age-old endeavour since selling became a thing. With Gamify Game Maker, choose a game from our growing library of games, customize them with your branding and watch your time on site, conversion rate and data capture grow!


  1. Fun and engaging mini-games that work
  2. Capture user data with unique leaderboard and forms
  3. Reward your users with incentives, promotions, and…
Make your own game!

Make your own game!

Reward your Customers

Reward your Customers

Customise your game in 60 mins!

Customise your game in 60 mins!