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App IDgenerate-qr-codes
Vendor IDsitakanta
Launched03 February 2022
CategoriesMarketing analytics
Avg rating4.3
Total reviews12

Benefits of QR Code ‑ Magical QRs

About QR Code ‑ Magical QRs

Increase Offline to online conversion reducing your customer acquisition cost

  1. Create Customisable QR codes
  2. Unlimited QR Codes
  3. Dynamic QR Codes
  4. Link to upsell and discounts
  5. Detailed Reports and Analytics
  6. Download QR Codes
  7. Unlimited QR Code Scans

How to use QR Code to increase your sales?

  • Use QR Code in your Product Packaging so that your offline shoppers can scan them to learn more about your products. Give the exclusive discounts to reduce your cost and increase…
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