Goods Order Inventory

Cloud based inventory and order management system with multichannel trading and custom reporting

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App IDgoods-order-inventory
Vendor IDmetaoption
Launched20 November 2020
CategoriesAccounting Inventory tracking
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Benefits of Goods Order Inventory

Item and Inventory Management, Inventory Shortage, Overstock Inventory
Order Management, Order Receipts, Payment Receipts, Custom formatted invoices
Item and Inventory Tracking, Inventory Life cycle, Transactions reporting

About Goods Order Inventory

Inventory Management

Order Management

  • Purchase Order
    • Fulfillments
  • Sales Order
    • Shipments
    • Return Orders
  • Transfer Order

Multichannel Trading

* QuickBooks Desktop
* QuickBooks Online




Store Management

Pricing And Discount Control

Custom Reports

User Hierarchy

Permission Management

Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Overview

Product Details

Product Details

Product Listing

Product Listing