Hemster Virtual Tailoring

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App IDhemster
Vendor IDhemster-co
Launched01 March 2021
CategoriesAppointment booking Promotions - Other
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Benefits of Hemster Virtual Tailoring

About Hemster Virtual Tailoring

Why download Hemster

With the Hemster app you get “Fitkit” placed in the cart with one-click, improving your conversion and the customer experience.

How it works

Once a brand has signed up through our partnership team, they are sent fitkits(Hemster branded ruler Stickers) and a link to download our Shopify app. With this app installed a customer can add the following:

  • Product Detail Page Widget allowing customers to easily add the fit kit to their cart
  • A Fit kit product with…
app cart page setting

app cart page setting

app thank you page setting

app thank you page setting

storefront product page

storefront product page