Pixboost Hero Banner

Boost your conversion and SEO with a blazing-fast and accessible hero banner

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Launched14 July 2020
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Benefits of Pixboost Hero Banner

Loads hero banner in milliseconds, so your users won't wait or leave your store.
Making sure that text is using right headings and Google will recognise them.
Includes lightweight animations that will bring additional attention.

About Pixboost Hero Banner

The app will add a “Hero Banner” section to your store, so you could create a unique experience for your visitors and won’t need to worry about performance!

Why use Pixboost Hero Banner?

Performance - make sure that your visitors don’t wait

Accessibility - everyone will feel welcome on your store

User Experience - make your hero banner distinguishable without performance impact

SEO - search engines will understand your message

Responsiveness - every device will get the best image variant

Start using in minutes

Start using in minutes

Customize a hero banner for your needs

Customize a hero banner for your needs

Improve your performance score

Improve your performance score