Imagify Image Optimizer

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App IDimage-optimization-by-imagify
Vendor IDwp-media
Launched13 May 2020
CategoriesImage editor Speed optimization
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Benefits of Imagify Image Optimizer

About Imagify Image Optimizer

#Speed up your website with our image optimizer and get lighter images without losing quality!

The average weight of the web page keeps getting heavier and heavier; it’s a fact. And this is due to the images, which are increasingly prominent on web pages. But why should we have to choose between beauty and speed? It’s time to fix this.

Thanks to Imagify you will:

  • SPEED UP YOUR WEBSITE: With lighter images, you will gain in speed, user experience, and even SEO.
  • SAVE TIME: Stop…
Optimize in one click all your images

Optimize in one click all your images

See the results

See the results