Image Adder

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App IDimagesync
Vendor IDmatobi
Launched01 September 2021
CategoriesBulk editor Product options
Avg rating5
Total reviews1

Benefits of Image Adder

About Image Adder

App to upload and download product images. You can upload images for many products at once.

Images can be auto matched to products. Suggested matches are shown so you can confirm before the images are added to your shop.

Match by filename

  • Images are matched by filename if file or folder contains product SKU, barcode or handle.
  • You can use a regular expression to select the product identifier part from the filename.

Match by photo of barcode

  • Uploaded images are scanned for…
Match images by filename

Match images by filename

Match images manually

Match images manually

Reorder, delete and set variant images

Reorder, delete and set variant images