Sales & Inventory Dashboard

Our Insights provides specialized analysis to help you analyze your sales and inventory performance.

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App IDinsights-by-pulse-retail
Vendor IDpulse-retail-systems
Launched13 May 2022
CategoriesDashboards Sales analytics
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Benefits of Sales & Inventory Dashboard

Dashboard for at-a-glance graphical analysis of your sales and inventory.
Charts provide clarity for sales & margin trends and stock requiring attention.
Data grids provide detail behind the charts with grouping, sorting and export.
Advanced analysis with filtering by groups, departments, locations and more.
Automated scheduled data synchronization with paid subscriptions.

About Sales & Inventory Dashboard

Specialized analysis to help you make sense of your sales and inventory data and allow you to make critical decisions when they need to be made. We help you:

  • Analyze 12-month sales & margin trends with prior year & rolling average comparisons.
  • Evaluate purchase patterns using our price point analysis.
  • Identify outperforming & underperforming products by analyzing your inventory stock levels.
  • View actual % margin products are generating.
  • View a breakdown of current inventory values.
Dashboard and menu

Dashboard and menu

Stock status

Stock status

Margin status

Margin status