Instant Search & Filters

Improve user experience, better organize products, reduce bounce rates & enhance search visibility.

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App IDinstant-search-filter
Vendor IDshfqtechnologies
Launched13 January 2022
CategoriesNavigation and filters
Avg rating4.7
Total reviews15

Benefits of Instant Search & Filters

Reduced frustration from browsing through irrelevant products.
Ability to find products based on specific criteria such as price, size & color.
Increased sales: By making it easier for customers to find what they want.
Reduced bounce rates: By helping customers find what they're looking for quickly
Streamlined and more efficient shopping experience.

About Instant Search & Filters

This app allow users to refine their search results by specifying certain criteria. This can include things like price range, brand, color, or any other attribute that is relevant to the search. Filters make it possible for users to quickly sort through large amounts of data.

Instant search and filters have become an increasingly popular tool for enhancing user experience on stores. These features allow users to search and filter through large amounts of data in real-time, making it easier.

Shopify product filter & Shopify collection filter &  search

Shopify product filter & Shopify collection filter & search

Product filter

Product filter

Product filter, collection filter

Product filter, collection filter