JUMiNGO ‑ express delivery

Your store integration for worldwide express shipping. Fast, cheap and customer oriented

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App IDjumingo
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Launched06 May 2022
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Benefits of JUMiNGO ‑ express delivery

Cheap express shipping worldwide
Top carrier network
All-in-one shipping solution

About JUMiNGO ‑ express delivery

With our integration, we offer you an automated, powerful connection of your online store to your JUMiNGO customer account. Benefit from:

  • a direct connection to your JUMiNGO account and full usability without contract commitment or subscription
  • easy & fast shipping with an attractive price-performance ratio to 230 countries & regions
  • a structured overview of all shipment information (e.g. tracking)
  • the possibility to send only standard or express shipments or both via JUMiNGO
JUMiNGO Shipping Cost Calculator

JUMiNGO Shipping Cost Calculator

JUMiNGO Shipment Overview

JUMiNGO Shipment Overview

JUMiNGO Shipment Tracking

JUMiNGO Shipment Tracking