Juvico Quick Buy & Upselling

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App IDjuvico-upsell-suite
Vendor IDtal1
Launched13 May 2020
CategoriesUpselling and cross-selling Page enhancements - Other
Avg rating5
Total reviews5

Benefits of Juvico Quick Buy & Upselling

About Juvico Quick Buy & Upselling

The key to improving conversion is all about momentum! Have the right call-to-action at the right place and time. Join the Shopify merchants who use Juvico to boost their sales!

Announcement Bar

A responsive announcement Bar supporting Special Promotions, FREE Shipping, Discounts, and custom Messages.

  • Dynamic messages showing how much customers have left to add to their cart to qualify for a discount or free shipping.
  • Make customers feel at home, with a variety of themes, including…
Juvico conversion and upsell

Juvico conversion and upsell

Photostrip and Carousel Campaigns

Photostrip and Carousel Campaigns

Clever buttons on a live shop

Clever buttons on a live shop