JVSpark Reward Refer Shoutout

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App IDjvspark-ambassador-program
Vendor IDrtbase
Launched24 March 2021
CategoriesDiscounts Marketing analytics
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Benefits of JVSpark Reward Refer Shoutout

About JVSpark Reward Refer Shoutout

#Jvspark - reward ambassador shoutout Improve traffic & sales with the power of micro-influencers inside your shop What you will get when using this app on your online shop:

  • Reward and loyalty program
  • Ambassador / Affiliation program
  • Live storefront - Landing page for ambassador that contain video review with products from your page
  1. Reward customers on the thank-you-page with a coupon for the next purchase
  2. Refer a friend - set up an affiliate program on your shop 3…
Reward customers for driving traffic, generate Content and sells

Reward customers for driving traffic, generate Content and sells

Storefront Video  Page view

Storefront Video Page view

User/ Reward Interface

User/ Reward Interface