Klix payments

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App IDklix-payments
Vendor IDas-citadele-banka
Launched21 July 2022
CategoriesPayment providers
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Benefits of Klix payments

About Klix payments


Klix - payment system solutions for merchants. Klix offers full checkout with only one, quick integration. Fewer unfinished purchases, low commission for you and no commission for your customer.

  • Klix Pay by card - Simplified card payments. When a customer chooses to pay by card, they can select the card which is linked to the Klix account and save time without entering data manually.
  • Klix Pay - Secure internet bank payments. Klix provides internet bank payments with all most…
Klix widget - bank payment

Klix widget - bank payment

Klix widget - fast checkout usint phone number

Klix widget - fast checkout usint phone number