Kraken Recommends

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App IDkraken
Vendor ID42hertz-pte-ltd
Launched06 December 2018
CategoriesRecommended products Upselling and cross-selling
Avg rating3
Total reviews1

Benefits of Kraken Recommends

About Kraken Recommends

Sell more with Kraken Recommends

Online shoppers commonly want:

  1. An easier way to find products similar to their interests
  2. The shop to display relevant products
  3. Additional information aligning their interests

Kraken Recommends alleviates these problems and displays user-specific recommendations that helps with cross selling, increasing average order size and drive-up sales revenue for the store.

How does Kraken Recommends work?

Kraken Recommends uses machine…

Product Page Recommendations

Product Page Recommendations

Summary of App Performance

Summary of App Performance