The Influencer Seeding App

Send, track, and report influencer orders all within your store.

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App IDkynship
Vendor IDkynship
Launched16 March 2020
CategoriesAffiliate programs
Avg rating5
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Benefits of The Influencer Seeding App

Your products, influencers, orders - all seamlessly integrated into your store
Create orders by efficiently sending multiple products to multiple influencers
Track orders and create reports on the products you send to influencers

About The Influencer Seeding App

Take care of your influencers easily through our all-in-one seeding app. Send your products to any influencer within your store. Fully integrated, each influencer is treated as a customer. Instead of creating individual back-end orders, do it all in a matter of a few clicks with the ability to mass upload, pull reports, and create custom tags.

How It Works:

  1. Search by name/tag and add the applicable influencers
  2. Pick out the product(s) you want to send
  3. Review & Send
Influencer Selection

Influencer Selection

Product Selection

Product Selection

Order Review

Order Review