Leopards Courier Integration

LCS integration for auto/manual booking, re-book, canceling, and tracking of packets through an app.

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App IDleopards-courier-integration
Vendor IDmoose-commerce
Launched04 January 2022
CategoriesShipping labels Order sync
Avg rating5
Total reviews2

Benefits of Leopards Courier Integration

With a few clicks install the app and start using it for bookings
It assists with auto/manual booking, re-book, canceling, and tracking of packets
Keep updated your customers with updated tracking information through the app

About Leopards Courier Integration

Use this app to book your packets, track, fulfill, and create load sheets with ease.

  • An easy to install, and easy to set up very quickly.
  • Whenever a customer places a new order on your store, App syncs the order into the system to make it available for booking.
  • You can book any packet manually or automatically with ease.
  • Once a booking has been done, the app automatically fulfills the order and provides a tracking URL.
  • Customers can track the shipment through the given URL.
App Dashboard

App Dashboard

Booked Packets

Booked Packets

Load Sheets

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