Slidey Bar

Add a dynamic side bar to your store to display key information or promotions to your customers.

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App IDlfs-slidey-bar
Vendor IDlowfruitsolutions
Launched24 June 2019
CategoriesNavigation and filters Page enhancements - Other
Avg rating5
Total reviews5

Benefits of Slidey Bar

Dynamic pop-out side bar with left or right site alignment
Vibrant call to action button with animation options
Multiple included content blocks to choose from.
3rd party app block and Affiliate product compatible
No coding required to install

About Slidey Bar

With Slidey Bar you can quickly setup a side bar to display custom content across your site. This provides a dynamic and easy way to add promotional or informational content for your customers that is specific to their browsing experience.
Highlight recipes on product pages, ingredients on blog posts or even just call out specific products on your store or an affiliate. The possibilities are endless. As a pop-out slider it is also discreet and mobile ready.

Sidebar alignment on the left or right side of the store

Sidebar alignment on the left or right side of the store

Popout or full visbility  side bar

Popout or full visbility side bar

Customisable open button

Customisable open button