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App IDlocalivery
Vendor IDprotoploy
Launched11 May 2020
CategoriesLocal delivery Order tagger
Avg rating3.2
Total reviews2

Benefits of Localivery ‑ Set Order Status

About Localivery ‑ Set Order Status

Why you need to use Localivery

Are you a merchant that delivers your products to customers locally? Do you use a carrier not supported by Shopify and need to set your order statuses to out for delivery or delivered?

Localivery makes this really easy for you to do!

Now, you can fulfill and self-deliver your products locally and mark your orders as delivered! Perfect for cash on delivery and local deliveries!

How does it work?

  • Install the app on your store
  • Find and view an order -…
Set order as out for delivery

Set order as out for delivery

Order set as out for delivery

Order set as out for delivery

Set order as delivered

Set order as delivered