Customer insights & analytics

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App IDloyalty-insights
Vendor IDloyaltylion
Launched22 July 2016
CategoriesCustomer analytics
Avg rating4.2
Total reviews45

Benefits of Customer insights & analytics

About Customer insights & analytics

About Ecommerce Insights

Ecommerce Insights is a free app for ecommerce stores who want to increase their revenue by retaining more customers.

Key Benefits

  • See who your loyal customers are
  • Identify customers at risk of leaving
  • Win back lost customers
  • Live and daily insights
  • See how your store compares with industry benchmarks
  • Understand whether retail loyalty programs are right for you

Why we built Ecommerce Insights

We work with thousands of ecommerce store owners…

Identify loyal customers

Identify loyal customers

See who is at risk

See who is at risk