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App IDmarkeaze
Vendor IDmarkeaze
Launched17 November 2020
CategoriesAbandoned cart Chat
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Benefits of Markeaze

About Markeaze

Markeaze comes in two configurations: Live Chat to advance and accelerate your customer service team and Sales & Support Assistant for ultimate customer service automatization.

[IMPORTANT: After app installation do not forget to Activate chat for your website:

  1. Visit your chat cabinet
  2. Open menu tab at left-top corner
  3. Go to: Live Chat => Chat appearance => set “Chat visibility” to “Active” mode.
  4. Enjoy! ]

Live chat features include:

  • Smart chat prioritization and routing. The…
Stay in deep of your process

Stay in deep of your process

Communicate on all levels

Communicate on all levels

Storefront view

Storefront view