MeroxIO Lookbook

We let you add the section in your theme to allow user to shop product by Look from the image easily

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App IDmeroxio-lookbook
Vendor IDmeroxio-it-solutions2
Launched14 November 2022
CategoriesPage enhancements - Other
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Benefits of MeroxIO Lookbook

About MeroxIO Lookbook

Lookbooks are a great way to show shoppers what your store is all about. Not only can they be informative, but they can also make shopping on your site more enjoyable.

A lookbook is a collection of images that represent a certain style or concept. They are often used in fashion and design to give an overview of a season’s trends or to showcase a specific style.

Our Lookbook application allows users to add products to their cart directly from images. This enhances the shopping experience.

MeroxIO Lookbook

MeroxIO Lookbook

MeroxIO Lookbook  Fast and Lightweight

MeroxIO Lookbook Fast and Lightweight

MeroxIO Lookbook  Key Features

MeroxIO Lookbook Key Features