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App IDmonei-qr
Vendor IDmonei-digital-payments-sl1
Launched10 August 2022
CategoriesPayment providers
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Benefits of MONEI QR


Accept Bizum payments with MONEI QR

Bizum payments offer an easy, quick and secure payments from your mobile in Spain.

This payment method is designed specifically for in-store point of sales, where the customer can start the checkout and continue payment on his mobile phone.

  • Select the “Pay with QR” option when finalizing your purchase
  • Scan the QR code
  • Enter your phone number
  • Complete the purchase in your bank’s app or enter your Bizum password. Done!

Bizum is supported by all…

Confirm payment in your banking app

Confirm payment in your banking app

Scan the QR (different store)

Scan the QR (different store)