myIOU Payment Info

A simple app that displays additional details information on the merchant admin order page.

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App IDmyiou-payment-info
Vendor IDioupay-asia
Launched01 June 2022
CategoriesPricing - Other
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Benefits of myIOU Payment Info

Additional details information to make merchant tracking easier.
Allow merchant and admin personnel for easy reference.
Allow merchant to execute refund process.

About myIOU Payment Info

With myIOU Payment Info App, merchant can view the following additional details information:

  • Payment No
  • Refund No (if any)
  • Valid refund for initial payment
  • Discount amount (if any). This information helps the merchant to know the payment information as the references and know the valid available refund amount.
myIOU Buy Now Pay Later

myIOU Buy Now Pay Later

myIOU BNPL Tenure

myIOU BNPL Tenure

Display payment information in Admin order page

Display payment information in Admin order page