Pick Pack for iOS

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App IDpick-pack-for-ios
Vendor IDintuit
Launched12 September 2016
CategoriesInventory sync Order and shipping reports
Avg rating3.9
Total reviews21

Benefits of Pick Pack for iOS

About Pick Pack for iOS

Pick Pack for iOS is a free app by TradeGecko to help you simplify your order fulfilment process. Connect your Shopify store and see all outstanding orders to pick from your iPhone or iPad.

Who is this app for?

Frustrated Shopify store owners who manually pick & pack their orders. Learn more about how you can grow your eCommerce business easily with Inventory & Order Management by TradeGecko.

How does this work?

  • Sync unfulfilled orders: The app will download your unfulfilledā€¦
Scan and pack orders

Scan and pack orders

Automatically mark packed orders on Shopify

Automatically mark packed orders on Shopify