Our AI shipping helper makes it super easy to get your shipments out quick, no need to lookup order.

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App IDpixandship
Vendor IDideation-labs-llc
Launched15 June 2021
CategoriesFulfilling orders - Other
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Benefits of PixAndShip

Scan and locate Order
Quickly Confirm
Verify Order

About PixAndShip

About Info:-

Introducing the best way to ship with Shopify! Do you have to lookup all of your labels manually? So you use variants? Can’t tell if something was actually sent out from your store and the carrier lost it? We have the perfect solution, the LetsIdeate Shopify Shipping App!

  • Uses AI to scan and locate your order in seconds, no more searching!
  • Quickly confirm what you need to pack
  • Use the verify button to confirm you packed the order and sent it out
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Create accounts

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Account's to enter in mobile App

Verified orders by mobile App shown in dashboard

Verified orders by mobile App shown in dashboard