planR DTC Campaign Planner

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App IDplanr
Vendor IDkrayen
Launched09 June 2022
CategoriesOperations - Other
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Benefits of planR DTC Campaign Planner

About planR DTC Campaign Planner

#One calendar to plan campaigns across your marketing channels!

planR DTC Campaign Planner helps your marketing team plan their activities in advance in the form of a neat, simple calendar interface. Add events and create tags to categorize these events. Make it much easier for the marketing and leadership team to understand and track what’s happening on the side of marketing.


  • Seamless installation. Go from installing to planning events in minutes!
  • Enjoy easy visibility on…
Schedule events across multiple marketing channels with tags.

Schedule events across multiple marketing channels with tags.

Add new events.

Add new events.

Update existing events.

Update existing events.