Polyglot Translate

This translation app allows you to translate your online store’s content in any number of languages.

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App IDpolyglot-translate
Vendor IDesign
Launched31 January 2020
CategoriesLanguage and translation
Avg rating3.5
Total reviews6

Benefits of Polyglot Translate

Import and export translations of an ample of options at once.
User-friendly interface with side-by-side translatable text fields.
Translate your store in multiple languages, all embedded in Shopify.

About Polyglot Translate

The app makes it easier to add translations to your webshop. Seamless integration with Shopify makes sure you remain in flow.

  • An easy, quick and consisentent language experience.
  • A user-friendly interface with text fields in the original language on the left and in your target languages on the right side.
  • Easy data export and import.
  • And all other Shopify benefits. E.g. SEO-tags are managed by Shopify, making sure that Google directs customers to the version of their own language.
Overview page

Overview page

Translation page

Translation page

Export & import page

Export & import page