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App IDpopwiz
Vendor IDquick-quiz
Launched21 July 2021
CategoriesDiscounts Popups
Avg rating3.7
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Benefits of PopWiz ‑ Custom quiz & popup

About PopWiz ‑ Custom quiz & popup

What is Popwiz?

Popwiz enables you to easily build a custom “shoppable” quiz or popup without any code. You can collect information from your customer that you can link to their email address for better retargeting.

Most quiz builders charge an arm and a leg and are made for enterprises. We are one of the most affordable options that give you unlimited quiz responses, perfect for fast growing businesses.

What features are included?

  • Unlimited quiz responses
  • Easy to use no-code…
Benefits of a shoppable quiz or popup

Benefits of a shoppable quiz or popup

Easy to use Quiz Overview Dashboard

Easy to use Quiz Overview Dashboard

No-code Quiz/Popup Builder

No-code Quiz/Popup Builder