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App IDprice-it-make-an-offer
Vendor IDtravex-digital
Launched06 April 2020
CategoriesDiscounts Competitive pricing
Avg rating1
Total reviews2

Benefits of Price it ‑ Make an offer

About Price it ‑ Make an offer

##Benefits of Price it

  1. Increased Conversions. When the price is crucial for the customer, the ability to negotiate the price is proven to convert more customers and close more sales, than just regular “Add to cart” button.
  2. Increased Engagement. Additional interaction keeps the customer on the page, making customers interact with your products. Important note! Higher Engagement also can give you a boost in SEO!
  3. User Intent. Heat-up your leads to the maximum! Capture visitors at the…
Watch statistics

Watch statistics

Increase sales by offering the best price

Increase sales by offering the best price