Smart Product Filter & Search

Increase your conversion rate with Advanced Product Filter and Instant Search app

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App IDproduct-filter-and-search
Vendor IDglobo
Launched26 March 2018
CategoriesNavigation and filters Search
Avg rating4.9
Total reviews1478

Benefits of Smart Product Filter & Search

Smart filter app to custom filter for different collection filter, category.
Unlimited filter menu by tag, sale %, review, metafields, variants filter...
Powerful search and discovery solution. Year Make Model search
Full-text search, Auto-suggestion, Search Redirects, Synonyms, spell check etc.
Smart search bar: Instant search, zero-character suggestion, stop words...

About Smart Product Filter & Search

Filter products instantly by price, size, color, tag, vendor, brand, collection and metafields, etc. Easy to install and custom your Product filter menu. Powerful search solution with instant suggestions, autocorrect. Product filter on the search page. Easy integrate with original search bar, theme filter, category filter. Your users are easier to find a right product with sidebar filter, filter collection. More over, you can use the app to display product variants as separate products

Shopify Collection filter & Shopify product filter &  search

Shopify Collection filter & Shopify product filter & search

Easy customization your filter & search

Easy customization your filter & search

Shopify Search bar

Shopify Search bar