Music Player by Websyms

Create a music playlist for any page or product.

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App IDproduct-music-player
Vendor IDwebsyms
Launched04 October 2017
CategoriesAudio player
Avg rating4.4
Total reviews40

Benefits of Music Player by Websyms

We give you the ability to create unlimited playlists with unlimited songs.
You can choose the player theme from the themes available in the app.
No coding required. Just install the app and start using it.

About Music Player by Websyms

This app gives you the ability to add as many songs as you want with each product and page.

To do this:

  • Click create playlist and choose the product/page/global and add as many songs as you want and save.
  • You can change the music player theme from the player theme settings page.
  • You can change the color combinations of the music player according to your needs so that it suits your store colors.
  • You can also choose if you want to autoplay the music, want to shuffle the songs.
My Playlists

My Playlists

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Add Playlist

Music player themes

Music player themes