The Rejects Enamel Pin Set by One-Eyed Girl

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Meet the REJECTS!  This lovable gruesome twosome is a couple of chocolate renegades who have just escaped the big chocolate factory.  Deemed not worthy and destined to be melted down, these two cups have escaped to to seek refuge in your art toy collection.

These Rejects might be off-kilter, off label and prone to causing some mischief but they really just want to be loved!  This designer pin set comes with 3 high-quality magnetic backed enamel pins designed by artist One-Eyed Girl.  The easy to pin and super strong magnet backing help you strut your artistic style everywhere and proudly join the crew of Rejects! Only a limited number available on
  • Designed by artist One-Eyed Girl @KCTararuj
  • Card design by Nate Bear @BearBrains
  • Produced by Martian Toys
  • Premium Epoxy coated Enamel Pins
  • Super Strong Magnet Back
  • 3 Pin Set!
  • 1.5" Tall PB Cups (2) and 2.5" Wide REJECT Pin

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