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App IDpurolator
Vendor IDnetparcel
Launched09 November 2018
CategoriesShipping labels Shipping rate calculator
Avg rating2.4
Total reviews7

Benefits of Purolator

Drive Efficiency Drive efficiency in your supply chain with technology-powered s
Improve Online Sales Improve online sales and exceed customer expectations
Save On Shipping Save on a range of delivery options to 99.9% of Canadian postal

About Purolator

Purolator and netParcel have partnered to enhance your customers’ online shipping experiences with more delivery options and flexibility. Whether you’re at the office, or on-the-go, we can help you stay connected to your business. Benefits that make shipping easier and more efficient:

  • Real time shipping rates at checkout
  • Import orders for processing
  • Update order status with tracking
  • Create labels
  • Schedule pickup
  • Set default package sizes and map products
  • Address book


Ship Page

Ship Page

Real-time Purolator Rates at Shopify Checkout

Real-time Purolator Rates at Shopify Checkout