IC ‑ Frequently Buy Together

Increase your sales using Frequently Bought Together & Related Products

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App IDpush-to-buy-more
Vendor IDitcoders
Launched13 March 2020
CategoriesUpselling and cross-selling
Avg rating4.7
Total reviews10

Benefits of IC ‑ Frequently Buy Together

About IC ‑ Frequently Buy Together

Frequently bought together allows you to push relevant products that customers may purchase along with the selected product. This helps increase sales in your shop and push deals for a better shopping experience.

Related products help you push similar products to your product pages & other pages like the homepage, allowing customers to quickly access similar products they are searching for.

Frequently Bought Together List View (Upsell)

Frequently Bought Together List View (Upsell)

Frequently Bought Together Box View (Upsell)

Frequently Bought Together Box View (Upsell)

Related Products  (cross-sell)

Related Products (cross-sell)