Realtime Cart

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App IDrealtime-cart
Vendor IDscaledfury
Launched07 September 2022
CategoriesCustomer analytics Page builder
Avg rating5
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Benefits of Realtime Cart

About Realtime Cart

Realtime Cart - landing pages simplified.

Use our HTML-based language to create simple landing pages without the need for Javascript.

  • Create landing pages with ease with little or no javascript required.

  • Supports Shopify’s latest multi-currency system for easy internationalization.

  • Track user journey’s from first page view through the Shopify purchase.

  • Compatible with subscription apps and selling plans. Accurately attributes subscription renewals with purchase events.

Full support for end-to-end tracking of customer journey.

Full support for end-to-end tracking of customer journey.

Easily add new integrations

Easily add new integrations