Inactive Browser Tab & Favicon

Recover inactive customers with blinking Browser Tab - Animate Tab Title with custom Icon and Emoji

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App IDrecover-abandoned-browser-tab
Vendor IDgigilabs
Launched25 May 2020
CategoriesAbandoned cart Popups
Avg rating5
Total reviews15

Benefits of Inactive Browser Tab & Favicon

Speak to customers before they close your Browser Tab: animate Title and Icon
Be creative: blink, flash or zoom Tab Icon and Title, show a secret coupon code
See how your strategy performs right in Google Analytics dashboard

About Inactive Browser Tab & Favicon

The most advanced toolkit to control Browser Tab Title!

The App helps you to recover sales from inactive customers: when a customer leaves your page - remind them to come back with Blinking Browser Title and Icon animation.

App features:

  • Track visitors that switch to other browser tabs
  • Animate Title and Favicon: blink, swap, zoom-in
  • Help your site to get noticed among other browser tabs
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate
  • Google Analytics integration
Bring back distracted customers, reduce cart abandonment

Bring back distracted customers, reduce cart abandonment

Configure favicon

Configure favicon

Configure browser tab title

Configure browser tab title