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App IDrevampcrm
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Launched02 July 2015
CategoriesEmail marketing
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Benefits of Revamp CRM ‑ Sales & Marketing

About Revamp CRM ‑ Sales & Marketing

Track Customers Profiles (B2B & B2C eCommerce CRM):

  • Real-time sync from Shopify and integration with 80+ data sources, you get 360 degrees view of your customers, and have a central place for their orders, tasks, emails, opportunities and notes directly under their profile.
  • Send and receive emails from the CRM.
  • Fix & merge duplicate records.
  • Two-way Tag sync with Shopify.
  • Integration with Zapier

Sales Follow-up & Segments for Sales Managers

  • Improve repeated customers rate…
Tags Follow-up

Tags Follow-up

360 Customer Profile with Orders

360 Customer Profile with Orders

Segment Follow-up

Segment Follow-up