RewardUp: Rewards & Marketing

Create an automated rewards program and engage with your shoppers using email & text messages.

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App IDrewardup
Vendor IDrewardup-inc
Launched26 October 2022
CategoriesSMS marketing 3D/AR/VR
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Benefits of RewardUp: Rewards & Marketing

Launch a custom loyalty program that maximizes customer value.
Increase open rates and drive more traffic with marketing automation.
Automate customer engagement through SMS and email to retain customers.

About RewardUp: Rewards & Marketing

RewardUp offers a cost effective customer loyalty app with built-in email and SMS marketing tools. RewardUp enables your Shopify store to automate your points system with customizable reward rules and levels. Re-engage with your shoppers with personalized offers and promotions through email and text messages. RewardUp helps to maximize customer lifetime value and retain customers using automation.

  • Loyalty Program Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Engagement Automation
Customer Rewards Widget

Customer Rewards Widget

Automate Customer Engagement

Automate Customer Engagement

Custom Rewards Program

Custom Rewards Program