SCP Stream Alerts

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App IDscp-twitch-alerts
Vendor IDsecond-city-prints
Launched05 August 2022
CategoriesContent marketing - Other
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Benefits of SCP Stream Alerts

About SCP Stream Alerts

SCP Stream Alerts

Highly customizable alerts for your Twitch stream from your Shopify sales! Works with StreamLabs and OBS!

Core Features

  1. In stream alerts every time one of your subscribers purchases on your Shopify store
  2. Encourage more sales by giving your subscribers incentive to buy
  3. Showcase the streamer and the product they bought in-stream will encourage other subscribers to buy as well
  4. Increase Merchandise visibility

What can I customize?

  1. Alert duration
  2. Alert…
Customized settings page

Customized settings page

Alert page for OBS

Alert page for OBS