Scuti Reviews and Referrals

All-in-one app: 1. Full-featured review app, 2. Referrals on social media, 3. Instagram feed.

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App IDscuti
Vendor IDscuti1
Launched17 May 2022
CategoriesProduct reviews Store pages - Other
Avg rating5
Total reviews1

Benefits of Scuti Reviews and Referrals

Send a customizable review-request email based on order status or delivery time
Full custom review widgets: Product, carousel, sidebar, popup, floating, etc.
Import reviews; SEO with reviews in Google search; Manage reviews
Product group reviews; Offer discount codes for review submission
Show referral widgets in various touchpoints: post and pre-purchase, via email

About Scuti Reviews and Referrals

Scuti covers all your needs with product reviews, referrals on social media, and Instagram feed at the most affordable price in the market.

  1. A fully-featured product review app for collecting photo reviews on autopilot and displaying them using a variety of widgets.
  2. Scuti lets all your customers share a post/story on their social media while tagging your social media page and displaying a discount code for their friends.
  3. Show your Instagram feed on your store with custom widgets.
Scuti star rating and product review widget

Scuti star rating and product review widget

Scuti various referral widgets

Scuti various referral widgets

Scuti best free review app in the market

Scuti best free review app in the market