IzyUnit: Price Per Unit

This app allows you to sell your products by any Unit. Like meter, kilogram, liter, lb, oz, etc.

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App IDsell-by-liter-meter-weight
Vendor IDspeaz
Launched08 January 2021
CategoriesProduct options
Avg rating5
Total reviews4

Benefits of IzyUnit: Price Per Unit

Customers will be able to buy according to their needs.
Unit Price is displayed on product and collection pages for a better experience
Everything is automated. You can link and unlink products in one click.

About IzyUnit: Price Per Unit

Essential for greengrocers, grocery stores, butchers, parquet floors & much more. No need to generate all the variations, our app does it for you.

You can now sell products with decimal quantity!
It is mandatory when you sell fruits, vegetables, meats, drinks, or even cut-to-size fabrics.

Everything is automated.

You can link and unlink products with just one click. HUGE TIME-SAVING!

Let’s say you want to link some products with these parameters:

  • Unit: g
  • Price: 30
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Linked Products List

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Product Page

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